Saturday, July 18, 2009

Going Big!

Always brings the best out of people. Examples include

  • Going to the moon
  • The A-Bomb
  • Donald Trump

I think every once in a while you need to do your own personal "Going Big" That is taking a risk to gain big reward, focus your efforts and make sure that you are not just keeping status quo.

What is the last thing that you did that was BIG. The last thing that scared you. Win or lose you learned something and became more than you were.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OK I am facinated by "As seen on TV"

Have you known a person who just had to buy all those "As Seen On TV" gadgets? I have.

I watched a deal on TV Last night on the guy who invented (Used lightly) the Clapper, Chia Pet and Ginsu(SP) knife. He really gave away his secret to success.

1. Unique product
2. Catchy ad
3. Great value

He was stating that he could have made $400,000 more in profit off just the Ginsu knives if he would have just raised the price from $19.95 to $19.99 and believed he would have not lost a customer. He sold over $50,000,000 (Yes the 0's are correct) Think about that when trying to sell something with value to a business.

Keeping to the basics in every market, marketing in a unique way and showing value will sell good product.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It is not that important (Or is it)

I was speaking with a business associate (IE I Work with them) and they were speaking on how they do so much unimportant stuff every day. I ask what that was.

1. Talking to people about their problems (mostly personal)
2. Talking with people in the industry
3. Working out technicalities in jobs
4. Reviews.

To be honest, I question that all of these except number 3 may ultimately be the important things. Will anyone really care in a year that the technical stuff got resolved? No.

However they will remember you helping with their problems. Building long term relationships and people do remember their reviews (I do) Sure, we have to balance work and other. Yet I would entertain that if you do the other things in moderation and truly care, the rest will get done and done better. The key is when you need things to get done, the team knows when that is.