Monday, October 15, 2018

I don't know what I don't know (And it really feels like I don't know)

Not sure if it is the time of the year (Because it gets dark early and I have lots of reading time) or if it is the fact that I am getting to mid life but recently I have had my world rocked with new information. It started a couple weeks ago when I was at a conference and heard some new content around Sales And Marketing (Where I have focused my learning for the last 20 years) and this content was great and something completely new to my experiences.

Next I have been working with some of the team where they have attended other conferences and shared content which has sent me down a learning trail of IoT.

Guess it all comes down to the fact that life is constant learning and it is always changing. I am sure glad I am in a industry of constant change and growing is a must.

Some things I recently heard that have been impactful. Not sure who stated this but it was in an article from INK magazine stating something like "If you wouldn't change places with the person giving the advice then don't take that advice" This has given me a good filter to look at advice differently. Now I started running through the people I work with, consultants and others and really the number of people I would change places with is extremely few. Not sure if it is because I really love my life or I need to challenge my contact list more heavily.

Next was KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) I have been blessed with that skill. Maybe because I am not smart enough to make it complicated or maybe because I see through all the BS. Who knows but it is definitely a filter I use constantly.