Friday, October 25, 2019

iPhone 11 Pro Max and comparison to 7 Plus

It has been exactly two weeks since I upgraded to the iPhone 11. I have to be honest, it was less of an upgrade then I would have expected over three years. Maybe my expectations were out of line and I just had high hopes? Things that I thought might be more impactful?
Speed - Sure it is faster but honestly not a huge difference
Screen resolution - I was expecting that the higher end and higher resolution would be very noticeable. Not sure I have noticed at all. I did early on realize that the screen is longer (Top to bottom and it was a bit distracting but only for a day)
Screen to the edge and no home button - Screen to edge really didn't make a difference other than the notch at the top. At first it was distracting and now I don't notice. For the first week the lack of a home button was really hard to get use to. Now I really like the facial ID thing. This is a great upgrade.

Here is where the positives start.

The biggest thing is battery. This is not a small thing. For sure a three year old battery is going to be struggling (Since it is used every day) On the 7 Plus if it lasted all day under strong use (But not heavy) The 11 Pro Max is amazing battery wise. I charged it over night last Friday and took it off the charger Saturday morning. Let it go off charge till Tuesday at work and was still on 38%. Dang!

Wireless charging is great. Like just being able to sit it down on the charger and pick it up later. No plugging and such. I have a charger in the car that is wireless charging also. Super cool.

The way iPhones now move the data from one to another when you get a new phone is super cool.

Honestly haven't used the camera's so we will see.

Yep, that is it! Wish I could say more. Would I do the upgrade again? Definite yes mostly due to the old one being 3 years old and the new battery. The level of innovation is not that amazing for three years.