Friday, October 16, 2009

We made it till Friday !

Caden and I are still doing well! We have made it to school on time or early every day, I have not forgot to pick him up and I even managed to pick up the cookie dough order.

We have even managed to have dinner every night. OK sure we only cooked on Wednesday, however we will call this the eating out in Hays stimulus package.

On a different note, it continues to amaze me how you are trying to make offers to help people and they cannot get past the fact that you might be trying to sell them something, screw them over or take advantage of them. It was interesting further that some of these people wont event take 1 minute to listen to you.

Their loss. I think the important lesson is to make sure that I don't do the same thing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Update

Another successful morning. Everyone is on time and at the right place. I even got dinner made in time and Caden made it to religion!

On another update, we had another PEERI meeting and it was great. The discussion was as lively as ever, many synergies and much to be learned for everyone around. It continues to provide value for everyone.

Oh yea, I almost forgot

Check out our new blog link on the right.

He thought I wouldn't figure that out.

School Pictures and I was in charge?

Yesterday was Caden's school pictures. We did get an early copy. I will post later today.

Anyway, we have been going good. On time for school, I picked him up on time and I made a good lunch. (I am even better than mom because I remove the crust HA)

Last night Caden wanted to eat a the Burger King. We never go there (NEVER) but for some reason he wanted to go. We ate early (He wanted to) so we were home by 6. After playing together for a while, Dominic called and he came over for an hour. Then it was spelling words, snack bed.

Evenings go quick. Tonight will even go quicker with religion.

I will keep you updated.

PS yes the house is a disaster!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More declining value

So I lost a screw on my Oakley Sunglasses. I tried everything to get a new screw. Walgreen's, Walmart and the local eyedoctor. Anyway, I called Oakley. You would think I could just get a screw for a few bucks plus shipping.


$50 for new frames. They don't replace screws.

OK so I send in the glasses, lenses in a case, in a ziplock bag. And of course my $50.

Well, Oakley called today (2 weeks later) and said that I was missing a lens and it would be $90

I did pay $250 for these and $90 is probably better than not having any.


Well, RayBan's, here I come.

Guess I finally got my SCREW!

Monday, October 12, 2009

In case you didn't know

Caden and I are being bachelors this week. Jenifer went to her sisters till Sunday. So no cooking, no cleaning, only a little fire.

I will keep you updated on how it goes.

I am not ready for this.

This weekend there was ice on the cars and on the grass. Not quite cold enough for the streets to ice over. It seems like fall was cut short. However if you have ever lived in Kansas it could be in to the 90's by end of week. (It is not predicted to be so)

I struggle with this every year. The being kept inside and not being able to get out. It is really early for that feeling to set in. Infact usually I have those areas that need cleaned up after a long summer of piling junk. To be honest, I am almost done cleaning that up. What am I to do the rest of the winter? (PS Jenifer would probably disagree that I have them clean)

Next weekend it is supposed to be nice, I can finish the garage. I am thinking of putting the Corvette in the back of the garage to leave room for the work car. The problem with that is I wont drive it that much if I do that. Decisions...Decisions...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Declining Value with Sirius Radio

I have been a subscriber for 6 plus years and it has come to an end. I wanted to listen to my 49ers games online. I came to find out that online subscription is now an additional charge. Used to be free. (I also found out that they do not broadcast NFL games online) Anyway, after Sirius and XM combined I figured you would get more channels and more value. WRONG.

I had to pay extra for some of the content. Online is extra. Currently I pay $200 a year and that does not get everything.

Well, free radio, here I come. Since I get an unlimited downloads from Zune for $15 a month, I will be using that more.

Oh yea, another thing that gets under my skin, I cannot cancel my subscription online.