Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Debit or Credit?

Every time I use the Debit card they ask me this. What difference does it make other than I have to enter my PIN when I say Debit. I assume that Credit means that the company taking my payment has to pay a small percent to the bank. Do they pay both ways?

I don't care so stop asking me. I have to pay both ways unless someone has figured that out also.

(PS I am sure that Jenifer will tell me the difference once she reads this post. I will update everyone.)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Must trim back to grow.

A few years ago when we landscaped our yard, I remember the landscaper telling me about how to trim the bushes and trees. You have to trim these back for them to grow properly. Usually after trimming the bushes will look poor for a few days, then they will sprout new leaves and look much better in the end.

Careers may be the same way. I know that I have taken set backs many times. However after each one of these setbacks, I have learned important lessons and then come back stronger than ever.

Don't quit, grow back better!