Friday, October 31, 2008

Fairplay's sales experience.

(Used with permission from Kris)

Kris Fair is the new inside rep. We call him Fairplay because his last name is Fair. Anyway, Kris is a successful, single, plays in a band chick magnet. So we have been studying his recent attraction.

This woman has some of the best closes we have seen. He first told him they should get together for coffee. Well Kris had to work so he let her know he would only be available for a quick lunch. He was thinking fast food. She gave him two choices between sit down restaurants. (IE the alternative close) He was committed.

He goes to lunch and forgets his billfold so she pays (Committing him to the next step) After the lunch she follows up with a Text telling him how she enjoyed lunch (The followup)

Then that night calls and suckers him into an hour long call...

She next tries to set the next appointment (Always focusing on the next step)

Unfortunately Kris ended the deal last night letting her know he was only interested as friends. I have to admit he did it in a text which was a bit CS. It will be interesting to see what her next move is.

Point of all of this was that there is sales everywhere. And the lesson is that sometimes high pressure backfires and fast.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It Birthday time. (I bet you thought this post was about you)

Your so vein. OOPS, got on to that song. Anyway, Happy Birthday Caden, my oldest son. And yes to you too Mike Frank a Frank inski.

I will bet the two of them celebrate differently. Caden turned 6 today. We wont talk about how old Mike is.

I am looking forward to going to Caden's school, taking Carsen with us and Jenifer is going to read a book. Then we will eat lunch with him later...

Take time to celebrate. For birthdays, or the big sales win. Reward yourself!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Buying a reciever.

My old stereo receiver went out last week. I went to my favorite electronic store where I always go (You know where they know my name and account number)

I told the sales rep what I wanted.

HDMI Switching
On Screen programming.

He went straight to the $899 model. I will be honest that there is no way I am spending $900 for this. I let the rep know that it was way out of what I am expecting. Instead of moving to another model or making suggestions he stuck with his guns and lowered the price a bit ($100) but this was still way out of my expectations.

So here I sit without a receiver for the football game. Remember listen to the client. Without that some one else that does will sell it for you.