Friday, October 17, 2008

Creativity, is it dead?

So in the IT sales business it is important to take the same solution and sell it over and over.

Recently I have watched several TV shows that are lacking creativity.

First is Knight Rider. The new one. I really enjoyed the first one with David Hasselhoff. The high tech stuff, computers and such. Now the new one is so predictable. KITT (The Car) can transform into virtually anything. What is hard about fighting crime if you have a tool that will do anything? Anyway, Michael is after some bad guy that stole some secret. The show has to have a girl in distress, somehow the car has some mechanical issue, there is a "SPY" party. You know, the tux, gambling and dancing. Then the hero comes through and a high speed chase. Pretty much no change in the formula. How boring.

Then is Chuck. Similar story. Geek wants hot girl, Super cool spy gets hot girl. Geek disappointed. There is the "SPY" party, and Geeks saves the day. HOW BORING

OH yea, I forgot that most of these people have a way of doing things that no one could ever possibly do. You know get blown up and live, jump 3 stories and run and know some type of karate that beats everyone.

And pretty much every show these days has some type of technology that is impossible. Holographs, cars that talk, voice recognition that works, artificial intelligence and so on.

So I am a bit down on entertainment today. I will just turn on my 3d glasses and enter the holadeck.

Clearly the networks have good marketing, I have wasted hours on their terrible television.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its like watching fire!

Have you ever been in a trace watching a fire? In the fireplace, at a bon fire?

The same can be said about watching it rain (Or hearing rain on the house) I think that these things are what relax me. After a certain amount of time it is nice to have a nice rain storm.

It is important to know what calms you down. When you get all stirred up, seek these things out. (Clearly I can't make it rain...Yet)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Product placement?

So another rainy Sunday. Football and movies. I had a chance to watch Ironman. I would give it 3 1/2 stars. It was ok.

Interesting thing I noticed that I have not seen in some time was the strong (And obvious) product placement. First was Burger King. " I have to have a burger before... ' It was completely out of place and really not part of the movie. Then on the bag (Showed several times) the BK logo. Then there was the Audi endorsement. He could drive classic cars, lambo's and such are in the garage, however every scene it was possible he drove the Audi with the obnoxiously large logo.

I am used to the Cisco phones located everywhere! Others are catching up.

Does this type of advertising work? I think it does. I have been craving BK since.