Friday, May 15, 2009

Is your car warranty about to expire?

According to the people who call my cell phone once a week it is! According to MSNBC it is everywhere anyway I have seen in the paper they are about to file a lawsuit against the companies doing this.

Just remember this, they would not do it if it didn't work. IE they are selling warranties!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

OK I complained about laptops, Now I give some love.

I have been using a demo Lenovo S10e Netbook. I LOVE IT. Small, light, powerful and fast. Now don't think that you are going to use it for video editing or other high end processing applications. It does run Office, email and web great including Youtube and other sites. If you need a small laptop and want to spend $350, this is a great option.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why on Hard Drives

So the most recent hard drives in laptops are around the 260GB range when you can buy 500GB drives for $100. I do not know about you but my space requirements are quickly growing. With more video in the work place (Flip, customer references and more) these files can take 1 GB or more. And with the overhead of Vista, office and others it quickly fills up a 100GB. So, why not put these larger drives in?

Is it because when these machines where manufactured and the hd purchased the prices where much higher? If you think about it 2 GB of memory is becoming standard. And we are installing 4 GB quite abit. Why not for an extra $40 or so $'s

Just wondering, maybe someone who knows more than I knows and will let us know!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not all AV is created equal!

AV stands for Anti Virus. Not all AV software is equal. Recently it has become obvious that people have begun to install AVG free and other free AV applications. One of these people recently had their bank account taken for over $100k. And yes they had a firewall and it was updated. It was a key logger sending out port 80 . If the client would have had a real AV application with spyware and phishing filtering this would have been stopped (this not just according to me but the FBI also)

If you do not get reporting from your AV and it is not monitored you are at risk! The FBI does not even look at losses less than $100k, can you afford this?

Remember you get what you pay for. There is a reason it is free and there is a reason they have a pay for version!

Addendum Just for Jenifer

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Monday, May 11, 2009

A suggested TV show?

Rarely do I suggest TV shows. You can find them yourself. There are enough commercials out there to advertise all these shows. However this one is different. It is on the BBC. (From the UK)

Anyway, Loren Vonlintel pointed out this show, so I have to give him the credit.

If you are a car guy, this is a car guy's show. The test the most exotic cars on the planet. They have celebrities race against the clock then post the times against each other. The challenges are the best. Racing buses, driving semi's (loons are what they are called there), driving some of the biggest pieces of junk ever produced and much more. I am not doing justice for the show. You can get it on iTunes.

Visit their site

Especially see the episode where the Z07 corvette breaks the record at the salt flats for factory cars 179 mph in a mile.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"As Seen on TV"

Moon Sand
Cleavage Clip
Up side down Tomato's
Hanger Cascader
Silky Smooth egg thing
Mighty Putty
Stealth hearing thing that looks like bluetoothe
Draft guard
Bend a roos

These are just the one's off the top of my head. For hundreds more see
I now see that Billy Mays has his own reality TV show where he has some kind of competition and winner gets Billy to rep his product. There are 3 or 4 of these "Celebrities" that are famous for simply reping the As Seen On TV stuff.

It must bring in Millions because these type of products are now multiplying on TV faster than I can count.

AH, Sales a its finest. BUT Wait there is more. I will throw in 2 more ShamWows for no additional cost if you order in the next 10 Min (Which they have no Idea when the commercial ram) But is a great call to action.

BUT WAIT, order now and I will throw in a tomato cutter free all you have to do is pay shipping and handling which is the cost of the product plus some outrageous charges.

THats not all. Call now and we will add the additional piece of junk so you think you are getting a deal that cannot be passed by!

Last is the shipping that when you order our product, we wont ship it till fall because it isn't even made yet, we are just pre selling!

And if that wasn't enough, when we say buy one get one free, you just have to ask (And pay shipping and handling) we will actually double your order because you cant afford to return the product so you can give as a Christmas gift next fall!