Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do I really have to give Obama Props?

OK I guess this time.

Kanye West's comments this weekend were out of line and even according to our President he is a "Jackass" When the president calls you a Jackass you probably are.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The spelling tests begin.

Caden brought home his first spelling list. It strikes fear in me. No, not that the words are that hard. They are words like UP, RAN, DOWN and more. Rather I was so poor at memory (Which is what spelling is) that I always struggled with this. Hopefully Caden has Jenifer's memory.

So what is the point of this? More that I never was a good speller. And lets face it, it is almost not even an issue any more. When I get done writing this article, I will hit the spell check button. OK, sometime it can be a problem when I can't even come close enough that spell check can guess what I was trying to spell.

Really this is like many people's skill sets. You have things you excel at and things you do not. Finding tools and processes that help minimize their impact can make you much better. Key is don't let people tell you that you simply can't do it. My 7th grade teacher told me I couldn't write! Yet for some reason you are reading this. My 9th grade computer teacher told me I had no future in computers. He sells cars now.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Can I take advice?

To be honest, somtimes it is difficult.

Yesterday while watching Football (The greatest sport on the planet, and no I am not speaking of that European football I am speaking of NFL) there was a lineman being interviewed and he was asking what accounted for a large change in his performance in the last couple of years. He spoke of a player he was tearing him up during a game. He was feeling defeated. Then after the game that player came up to him, offered a handshake and told him how he was telegraphing his moves.

First of all, the player was shocked that someone would try and help. Next he thought he was full of it. Then after watching game film he discovered that it was true.

The story was to say that you never know where good advice may come from. Sure you do not have to take all advice (That would be bad advice from me). Rather keep your ears open for the possibility of good advice.