Saturday, January 18, 2020

Winter stirr crazy is a thing!

It is cold and icy with a mix of fog, snow and who knows what else. I don't believe that is the problem, it is the short days and the trapped feeling you have being inside all the time. I know this stir crazy feeling is real for me for sure!

I still get that 1/2 hour or more of exercise in per day but definitely is not the same as being outside. Heck, I think our dog is having the same issues. She is breaking all the rules and is constantly wanting out and in and out....

One thing that is beneficial is that I am more productive (Well from a work perspective) getting the paperwork things I dread done early since what else can you be doing after hours!

The other thing that tends to happen is the inside work that no one wants to do. I am off to clean the grout in the tile...

Monday, January 13, 2020

You have to slow down to speed up?

I know, doesn't makes sense. Let me see if I can give some examples. I was watching the big game this last weekend (Chiefs got behind big early to comeback for the win) and the more the Chiefs got behind the more simple pass plays were dropped, runners tripping over their own feet and so on. You could feel the desperation. A dropped kick off return that turns into the other teams points. There was no doubt that every team member wanted to make a difference still it was getting worse.

I have worked with sales people who were having the same issue. Had seen great success yet could not repeat that success. The harder they tried, the worse it got.

There have been times when I was helping my boys and whatever they were trying to do, the more frustrated they got, the worse the results.

Some examples where if you go back to basics; make the simple catch, worry about the yards after later. Follow the sales steps, get the first appointment and work from there and just get the basics first and try scale later.

All these point to something simple. Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up.