Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anyone want to play Thermal Nuclear War?

War games was the movie that got me interested in computers. And like most movies having to do with computers it is extremely unrealistic. No matter, I enjoyed the movie. So I was cruising Netflix the other day and there it was, War Games II. It was released in 2008 and must have went directly to DVD. You can watch it instantly on Netflix.

Similar story, however it is a bit better than the first one.

So between War Games, Commodore 64 (My first PC) and Dan Evans Ihave never looked back.

I remember my first taste of the web in 1989. Yup, it existed then. Got a telephone number to Washburn University and a username/PW. Played games against others around the country. Realize, no graphics, just text and was extremly slow.

In a world that my cell phone has more power, sends more data and can do more than that Commodore, I cant wait for the future.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My tools are working for me!

Part of sales is being in touch constantly. From email, fax, Calls, Voicemail and internet. Now with my smart phone it all comes together.

I have the one call (DID at the office) that calls me where ever I am out
Fax comes in email
Email is on any internet connection and my smart phone
I have internet for the laptop anywhere now.

Truly I can be out of the office, yet be as well connected as if I was in the office. That is productivity and better customer service.

Better for the team is the ability to use all the products we sell. From Exchange, Outlook, smart phones, Communicator and everything else!

Does your team have what it needs to be productive? Are you using these tools?

The last obstacle is the people in the office. Many times they feel that you have to be in the office to have the meeting, conversation or other. Maybe video will take care of that. I doubt it. The youth are used to the new way of communicating. From Tex ting, IM or email. It makes no difference to them.

So my Mother thinks I am harsh!

I was sent this from her

While if any of it was true I may have been harsh. Maybe Palin should have thought about these things prior to running for VP. Reality is she has not said anything of why she has QUIT. So we really don't know.

The other reality is my mother is a Democrat. Maybe Palin does have a chance for President if she can get the Democrat vote!

PS I will be paying for these comments this weekend...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Finishing what you start (A little Political view)

So Palin Quits being Governor. Yep, QUIT. She is trying to say that she is stepping down, turning over power and such. Nope, QUIT.

When I was young, I was taught that you finish what you start. If you start playing Tball you finish. Does Palin not think this most basic teaching does not apply?

I enjoyed her speeches and some of her views. It all stops now. She QUITS and does not give any real specific reason. There is lots of speculation. Nothing solid. Doesn't really matter to me. She quit.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yes, I know it has been a week.

Anyway, we had a great 4th. As Caden said we blew some stuff up. As my Canadian friends pointed out this seems to be a unique American thing. So I thought what a perfect way to celebrate freedom.

Lets just say that we exercised our freedom and maybe even covered the neighborhood in freedom. Too bad that not everyone can appreciate that kind of freedom. Yet we can still exercise it!