Friday, August 7, 2009

Doing an event in September that you should attend Virtually

As you already know if you read this blog regularly (Which you should). My good friend Jonathan that works at Marco in St.Cloud Minnesota and I did a presentation at the HTG all event in Dallas. We really had a good response. I have had the great experience of doing a similar, yet longer presentation at HTG 15 in Denver a couple of weeks ago. The feed back and more importantly the follow up from that group has been outstanding.

So now we take this to a bigger audience with some training sessions that Microsoft puts on. I hope you can join us for that event.

The 5W25 Series is a webcast series of 25 partner webcasts designed to help partners grow their business by having successful partners share information on best practices and topics that matter to you.
You won’t hear any marketing fluff, only relevant information you can use today that will help you grow your business.
Register for the FREE webcasts here:

You will see us third down.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To serve is to rule

I especially enjoyed Gitomer's rant this week. If you haven't signed up for his weekly caffeine email. DO IT.

Simple, to the point and dead on.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Monday?

I enjoy the morning. Tee Times at 6am and the quiet the morning brings. Same with Mondays. A fresh start to the week. Many have the Garfield syndrome.

If you dislike what you do so much that you cant stand Monday, then get out! I can't imagine doing something for 30 years and dreading every Monday. Or for that matter every work day. Almost everyone that I have seen make a change in jobs (Either by their decision or others) has landed in a better, happier place.)

It is all attitude and what you make with the tools you are given. Have you maximized your space?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spend most of the weekend relaxing and catching up.

Like always, when I am gone all the PC and server stuff at home decides to break. Sure it will run for months when I am home. Then problems when I am gone.

Had another drive fail on the home server. Maybe it is me buying the cheap drives. I was using USB drives and had about 3 of them fail. So I thought I had a heat problem. I then installed internal SATA drives. They have been working for a while. Yet I had my first fail.

No lost files. I had duplication running where it copies files to multiple drives just in case a drive fails like it did. I did lose most of the backups on the laptops I have. So I had to remove the defective drive, rebuild the files and then start the backups. I am still working on that.

I have also been working on posting my video's to and pictures to the home server. Feel free to visit to see the pictures from my recent trip.

Just about done with all my work on getting caught up.

Did have a chance to get the Corvette out a little Sat. It had been several weeks since I have had that chance. I am still impressed with the power. Nothing like a little burning rubber smell to relax you. I will finish up the weekend with a round of golf with Bill.

This week is one of those with few appointments however I have lots to get done. Submitting expenses, working on some processes and preparing for the annual vendor meeting. Does not seem like much yet it never fails that you go to work at 7 and the next thing you know it is after 5.