Wednesday, April 8, 2009

People are sure making it hard to build relationships

This week I have lost my favorite vendor rep, my favorite inside rep (From separate companies). In fact when I tried to contact the outside rep to the inside reps company, he was gone. So I tried the manager of the outside rep, gone. Then I tried to call the VP's of the this company (I had met last year about 8 months ago) Guess what ALL GONE.

So here is the count. Vendor reps as of January 1 versus now. 3 left. This is out of 11. WOW. Is this economy?

Either way, it is sure hard to keep good relationships with these companies. In fact it would be real easy to change vendors. This will not happen because we have worked hard to bond with these vendors, many companies would make different choices

A big Homer Simpson Whoo Hoo!

It always feels good to fix something yourself. This most recently happened when I got the golf cart to work right. While I had some bad customer service issues with local companies, I just decided that I could figure it out myself. And guess what I DID!

Do you give up to easily? Either on the sale, your family or projects? It seems that we have more patience for others than we do for our own family, friends or projects. Not sure why this is. Next time you find your patience running low, take a step back, focus and give it one more shot!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One great sales presentation

Had a chance last week to see Jeffery Gitomer present some really unique sales idea's. One great concept he spoke of was who cares about customer satisfaction, you really care about customer loyalty. Taking it further, it is really about building the lasting relationship. How true.

My own addition to his speech is that it is really about building trust. Pretty much about complete and sometimes painful truth.

These ideas were only a start to the truly unique presentation. I highly recommend that you visit the website and at least sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Very few times do I tell people to act now. However go there now, it can make a difference in your vision of sales.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Social Feedback Loop?

Really a quick definition is word of mouth. People telling other people about a good or bad deal.

This could be one of the most powerfull advertising methods. Getting people to refer others to your service. Using this with references can be very powerfull.

An example of a very successful Social Feedback loop would be Madoff. While an example of someone who leveraged the positive feedback for bad purpose. however you know how many people were hurt.

Using the Social Feedback Loop for good can be a very successful program.

And yes I will post more this week from my Flordia Trip.