Saturday, August 1, 2009

To quote Ricky

We were discussing last week some accounting practices. What better person to learn from than a Harvard MBA. Anyway he was asking from an accounting standpoint what number one assett of your business is. Sure the PC answer is your people.

However as Ricky said in a great way "You cannot depreciate your people on the balance sheet. Or at least not since the 1860's"

Just a little nugget I picked up..

PS Visit Ricky's Company's web site at

Friday, July 31, 2009

Yesterday was GREAT!

So I have been gone for 7 days. To be honest, I was a bit concerned that I have not been receiving many emails or phone calls. However, I was amazed.

I started the day with a customer event. We had a great number and the team put together all the presentations and they nailed it! Usually I am responsible for most of the materials. Not this time, I was tied up for the last several weeks and the team handled it perfectly! The facilities were perfect, the food was perfect, the presentations were perfect, the attendance was perfect the materials were perfect and the interaction was better than ever. Way to go team.

So then I go back to the office for the afternoon. A little mail, couple of voice mails and other than that, really calm. I started in where I left off. No hanging issues, monkeys in my office or panic in the voice. Just "Hey great to see you, did you have a good time?"

Oh yea, and we almost doubled our quota!

Maybe I better start searching for my next job... I am no longer needed here? I could not be happier...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Travel Back

Spent all of yesterday getting back to Kansas. I was at the airport at 8 for a flight that was to leave at 10. Well, it didn't work out like that the plane took off at about 12. Thanks to Erik for making some of that time go fast.

Then you lose one hour to Denver (Time Change) plus the 2 hours in the air. And of course I had the 5 1/2 hour drive home which took extra long due to the down pour in Colorado. So it was after 10 when I got home. However the kids were still up and they were excited to see me. Of course I delivered the gifts this morning. They now know that I will have some every time.

Off to a customer event today and lots of catch up. I am looking forward to the weekend. NOTHING PLANNED!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The beginning of a new chapter

I am not sure I have put it out there, but I am now facilitating HTG3. So I have spent the last couple of days with the group and have a new appreciation for those who do the facilitation. From getting room reservations, to AV equipment delivered, making sure lunch is there and everyone has their needs met for food and drink. Then working with vendors and their insecurities of where to be and what to present and just keeping the meeting flowing without cutting off something important.

Anyway, learned lots the last 2 days. From DeDuping (SP) a technology that significantly reduces backup sizes by analyzing data and not saving the same file multiple times (Not easy to explain, just ask me some time) to Sonicwall Marketing (Thanks Ted from Sonicwall) and then I confirmed that selling telephony can be difficult and teaching it is even harder. I have at least half a dozen items to go back to Hays with and try an implement.

And of course we had another great evening of exploring San Francisco. From seeing

To going around Alcatraz and spending a little time on Pier 39. So another great life experience. And of course the Bucket list has another check list.
It is also a sad time. HTG3 will now split up a bit. We will have to recruit about six members as 4 of the members are going to HTG20 to start a group of similar sized companies. Erik will lead HTG 12 and Joddey will no longer be with us. So the crew will see each other twice a year in HTG all but it will never be the same. While the chage is good and takes us to another level, I will miss the dynamics we had developed.
So, off the Kansas I go. I sure can't wait to get warm again and to see the family.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well it happened, I have adjusted to the time change

Just in time to head home tomorrow. That is just great. But I have to tell you, I am ready to get home. 7 days and 6 nights away is more than enough for me. The nice thing is the next time I travel is in November. (Out of State)

Off to meetings again this morning. I learn so much, yet I am completely drained by the end.

Had a great time at the Giants Game

But I have to tell you that it is strange to go to a Baseball game in July and see them serving LOTS of Hot Chocolate and Coffee. Beyond that I was freezing. You add the fog rolling in and the slight ocean breeze. It was neat to see the place where Bonds hit all the Home Runs into the water. In fact he was at the game!

It was good to get the mile and so walk to the game in. We went by a nice park and lots of shops. I will share the pictures when I get a chance.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Waking up this morning in SF

I am in the home town of my favorite football team the SF 49ers. Went and had a good dinner up the street (And in SF the mean up) It was a hard trip walking there and easy going down hill. Anyway, it has been one day and I am tired of being cold already. It was in the 60's when I got here and after dinner it was getting colder.

People ask how we in the Midwest can handle the thunderstorms, I ask how can they handle the fog? It is like an alien life form that attacks. I have never seen something so thick. The top of buildings just disappear. And I am told that today is mild.

The next thing that is difficult for me to get used to is the sound of the city (ALL NIGHT LONG) From that trolley dinging its bell at 6am, to people honking, fire trucks, police and just the sound of traffic at all hours of the morning. With all the concrete it just echo's. It sounds like trucks are going to come through my window. That should explain how I slept. I believe I can now understand how others feel that come to the Midwest and miss that sound. You can probably get used to the background noise. Sure glad I do not have to.

Looking forward to good learning today. Always sharpening my skills and becoming more productive.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Did a little rafting

Went Whitewater rafting yesterday at and had a great time. Like usual, the make you sign the form that this activity could result in death and you cannot sue them.

Anyway, took the 2 hour trip to the location with the Kardel family. I felt right at home. There kids reminded me quite a bit of my own. I did learn quite a bit from the German exchange student that has traveled the world. I even learned a bit about the European union and negotiations (This is what his dad does)

Back to the White Water adventure. A storm was rolling in and it rained a bit and got a bit windy (For Colorado standards). We had to wear the life jacket and the helmet along with the splash jacket. I did not really understand why you would need a splash jacket, it was in the 80's. Well, when the water is 50 degrees you quickly understand.

We did see a couple people in our group get launched out of the boat. None on our boat.

The experience started out slow. Small rapids and pretty slow. Dustin, our guide was from the south and was very good. He taught us strokes. Forward backwards, left and right forward and such. That came in useful later.

The views were amazing. Huge rocks, cliffs and a few houses. Then came the real rapids. We got real wet and had to work hard keeping the boat going in the right direction. Somehow I am not sore today.

Just another experience off the bucket list. Next I will have to take the family when Car gets a bit older.