Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another gaget I love

I had been researching the Flip camcorder. I was intrigued at my last HTG meeting where a vendor gave one away (Great Idea) Speaking with my parents before Christmas, my dad was interested in getting one for my sister. He purchased it and gave it to her just before their baby was born. What a great gift. So after seeing theirs (Camera, not the baby) I had to have one. It arrived today.
  • Software is easy to use.
  • Manual is simple
  • Unit is very simple and intuitive
  • It is easy to publish to Facebook, You Tube and others
  • I can create video greeting cards (VERY EASILY)
  • Email videos (Via a link that is created on the Flip site)

Over all it is so very simple. I will attempt to add my first Blog Video (Probably called something)

Hey, look at that, I DID IT! I have a feeling you will be seeing more! And yes, it was that nice out today here in Kansas!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A guest blogger would like to add to Saturday's blog

Point 5. I have learned that when people ask how I am doing, they don't mean me anymore, they mean Parker. I hate to admit it, but I truly am beginning to realize how selfish I was. I have to cater to Parker now. I can't get my nails done, my hair, tanning, 5 days a week gym time for 2 hours each trip. Life is changing. Looks like gym time will be cut to 3-4 days a week for about 1 hour after Jeremy gets home from work. Parker doesn't like my nails anyway and turns out Parker doesn't care what color my hair is. It's amazing what life lessons you can learn from a baby that really don't have anything to do with what is important in life anyway. I think we will keep him, especially since he cane teach me everything I need to know about what is actually important in life since I was sadly mistaken before.

Michelle Riat

(Michelle is my sister and become a mom for the first time on December 23 2008)

The motel this weekend.

Stayed at a Marriott this weaken in Joplin MO. Was one of the greatest motel experiences I have had. That would encompass quite a few rooms in every part of the country. This on was the best. Check in took maybe 1 min. The people were very helpful. When eating breakfast they help you get drinks, refilled them even and it was a complimentary breakfast. I can't get that kind of service when I am paying for the meal. Even the janitors taking care of the facility ask if everything was fine and if they could help in any way.

In the future, every motel I stay at will be measured against this one.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

0 for 4

This weekend every team I wanted to win in the playoffs lost. Oh well.

Back to work tomorrow. I thought by this time I would be really ready to return. I am not. I am sure when I get back I will be motivated. But Sunday night of almost two weeks off I could use another 2 weeks.

Went and saw Parker, my sisters baby. She looked like every new parent should
1. Tired beyond belief
2. Excited to be a parent
3. Scared to be a parent
4. Questioning everything you do

She will do great.