Saturday, February 5, 2011

(On Delay I am back now) Off to HTG Q1 VEGAS!

Up this morning to Fly Hays and if everything works out, Fly Hays was a GREAT choice. With Wichita with almost a foot of snow, KC with more and almost everything from Salina east closed I probably would have not made it on time to Vegas.

Picking a coat this morning was a bit difficult. With actual temperatures in the negative and wind chill well below -30 I need some real protection. However by Friday in Vegas it will almost be 70. I am opting for the heaviest coat I have. I can take it off but if I get really cold it is hard to get warm.

As for the rest of HTG3 we will see how their travel plans work out. SoCal will not have much of a problem. I know that Dave and Lisa are going to drive. However our members from the east coast and Midwest may have some significant issues. I hope that no one has to stay overnight in an airport...

I look forward to the meeting and should be fun!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kris was right?

Yea, I am as shocked as you are...

Many months ago he said something to the effect "being sick makes you really appreciate being well"

I feel like I have been sick forever. It has only been a few days, but man I want to get my energy back and stop coughing!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The little white lie.

Recently I have seen quite a few "Little White Lies" used every day. Nothing that is harmful, nobody is getting hurt it just isn't the truth. More interestingly is the fact these lies are not even necessary. Many times these people are just adding "color" to the email-phone call-text or other.

The question is where do the white lies end? If you do not tell the complete truth as you know it then how can you be trusted when it counts?

It is an easy trap to get caught in. I find it easy to get there. It starts with the smallest of stretching the truth and grows daily.

You may find the up front and honest may be more pain full up front but will quickly get you where you want to go much faster and gain you time that everyone needs.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The avoidance Game?

I went into a business office today that had three people to help customers (They were all behind a counter). It was clear that they were playing the avoidance game. You know, if they make eye contact they will be the one that has to help you. So I picked one and stood there. After a couple of seconds I was acknowledged and we started our business.

I was clearly a problem but was being helped. All until the CEO came out and he knew me well and from that point on I was treated like a King.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Building file structures and he is 4?

Last night Carsen was sitting in the chair arranging his icons on the iPad. "Because you do it dad" How did he even learn that?

It took me 5 years before I build folders at work and my 4 year old is doing it now? I am starting to feel behind...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I made it through the night...

Thursday morning I found myself putting on a sales meeting with some new product deployments that were key to the team and a raging headache, sore throat and more. It was so bad that I do not remember much of the second part of the meeting. I will see tomorrow how bad I was.

Friday and Friday night it continued to get worse. Jenifer meanwhile continued to point out how I should have went to the doctor on Friday. (Do you know that Insurance commercial where they ask if a drill Sargent would make a good therapist? That is similar to Jenifer when I am sick.)

Anyway, I missed Caden's school carnival and Tammy's 40th birthday. Finally I am starting to feel human again. This all came on at a very bad time for me to miss some productive days. HTG next week, lots of stuff on the plate anyway so this week will be very busy.