Friday, March 27, 2009


I owe some folks some updates.

1. The golf cart is in pieces in the garage, I am ordering parts off ebay and we will see how this ends up. Only out $200 on parts on order currently.

2. The Media center sling box thing works pretty well. Having a couple of streaming issues, however I think I am having some PC horsepower issues. Need a bigger processor.

3. Zune sync is going poorly. It takes forever for my laptop to render the video files. So, it has been working for two days for me to realize it is only working on my home video's. I don't need those in the Zune. After updating the locations we will see.

I think that is all I owe.

Snow update


That's right, all the schools are cancelled and there is NONE!

Ok anyway, they are still predicting 100 % like they did last night (Which was a big 0) I suppose it is still a good thing to call off school, if it does start to snow the the 40 mph winds, it will get nasty fast.

Goes to show you, millions of dollars in equipment to predict weather and my dog does a better job.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I think we are all kids when it comes to snow.

Not everyone had the chance to grow up the the idea of snow days. I remember when I was a kid waiting for those words over the radio "School Closed" nothing was more exciting.

In some way it seems that people don't seem to out grow that. We are expecting somewhere between 3 and 18 inches of snow. Which for Brad in Duluth that would be a dusting. Here in KS it will close schools.

Not sure why adults get so excited. I still have to go to work. If I could not make it then it is just a vacation day. If I want the day off, I could just take vacation. OK I am a little excited to use the four wheel drive for the the first (And probably the last) this year.

Any way, the energy surrounding this is fun.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Microsoft gets it RIGHT?

So I had to rebuild a laptop last night. And when it came to activating Vista, the online activation would not work. The system came with Visa and I used the key attached to the system. Not sure why it would not activate.

Anyway, it told me ta call an 800 number and read (IVR) what would be probably 50 numbers to the system (The numbers were on the screen generated by Vista). So after doing that, the automated system could not help me. So it transferred me to a live ( But foreign) person. In one ring the call was picked up by a reasonably well English speaking person.

I had to read the first several numbers (Not all thank goodness), he then ask me a couple of questions. (why was I doing this install, did it come with the computer, was it installed on any other systems) after answering these, he gave me a really long number to type in and it worked. All took 5 min.

Really it was a positive experience.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Calling a Duck a Duck

It continues to amaze me how some people tend to not own up on things they have done, mistakes or just bad decisions. Trying to hide or deceive the truth only makes it worse.

It is obvious to me and I think most everyone when this happens. In some way it is kinda like saying she has a good personality, the car is just broke in or it is only cosmetic. We all know what that means.

It is kinda like Covey's book about truth. when you tell these little lies there is a tax that is paid in trust.