Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feeling old

Not physically, not mentally. Going to Carsen's Kindergarten class and seeing the other parents. I had to be one of the 3 oldest people in the room! Recently, I have felt this way several times. Looking around the office, when I first started, I was one of the youngest people in the office, now, I am on the top half.

Last weekend I went to a wedding of a girl that was in class. Was I that young when I got married? Real close.

Good thing is I feel as young as I ever have and can keep up with the best of them!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I actually Painted?

If you know me well, you know I hate painting. However the garage was getting pretty messed up from kids toys, kids and other. The final straw was the black tire mark on the front wall. Jen ask me how It got there. I told her she did it. (OK I did0

Spent the weekend painting and cleaning the garage.

The Vette now has a good clean home.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What is Wrong with Me Sonos Review

So we built the house 6 or so years ago and I remember when we built it not thinking I would want whole house audio. I strung over 7 thousand foot of Cat 6, 2 thousand feet of RG6 and 2 racks, battery backup...

What was wrong with me. Now I want Whole house audio and have been checking into what it would take. For a non integrated (IE independent system that does not work with my network, security system or anything else for that matter) you are looking at around $3k.

I then looked at my favorite source of audio equipment, Crutchfield Sure you could buy it at a lower cost, however they won my business over 10 years ago when I ordered some equipment and it came in DOA. I called them up and almost no questions asked, they Next Day shipped me a new unit, told me to put the defective unit in the box to send back. Sure, I try and buy local, however some equipment is not available in Hays.

What I found at Crutchfield was a company called Sonos. Rarely do you find a company with almost no bad reviews. I checked the maybe one review that was bad and it was still complimentary of the product, they may have had a problem with shipping or other.

It is expensive...However it says it takes 5 minutes to set up (They all do) and it actually took less! It is a wireless system that sounds incredible, and I am picky on my sound. Many people have commented that it sounds better than their Bose systems or other high end Polk Audio systems. I agree. It can be controlled by my computer, phone, iPad and by the buttons on the front of the unit. I cannot wait to expand the system. We will see after Jen sees the bill! :)