Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Southwest Airlines Culture and a quick lesson

Recently flew Southwest Airlines from Wichita to Phoenix AZ and checked my baggage and the lady helping me ended the conversation with see you in a little bit at the gate. So pretty soon I did see her at the gate. About 15 minutes till boarding her and another put on some old rock music and turned up the volume for the boarding area. There were some retired couples at the window singing along, a kid in the isle dancing, it was great.

Then, there is always one person. The lady right by me. "It's too loud!" she was motioning to the podium to turn it down and continued this for some time. Not to be detoured the ladies at the gate kept it up and all (But one) had a great time.

Little later in Phoenix I am waiting for my bags and look who it is, the music Grinch. Her and someone who came to pick her up were having a conversation. The pick up person made a comment to the tune of "I love flying SW" and the response of the music Grinch was "Yea, me too. They put on some music before we left and it was great"

Remember there are fun haters everywhere, sometimes the real trouble is not letting them control you.