Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Doing things in person

Conference calls, Webinars, Video Calls sure all ways to reduce costs and increase contacts. Yesterday I had a chance to do what I enjoy the most, go on the road and close deals. Mark St.Peter did all the leg work on a large deal for a large deal in SW Kansas. We presented the solution and ask for the order. After some deliberation the client signed. Again, nothing like closing a sale.

After reviewing the sales presentation, without being on site, we could have never known when to ask for the sale. Reading body language, getting all decision makers in the room and reading them. Knowing when the opportunity is to ask for the deal. It is my opinion that none of these reads could have been done remotely. The reward was a 1/4 million dollar deal!

The one on one communication goes even one step further. I want to thank Stuart for the call yesterday. Taking the time out your day and giving a call means a lot. Thanks to everyone else that did the same. (Not to say I dont appreciate all the emails) My wife wants to add "Strike a pose there is nothing to it" in reference to the recent photo shoot.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Customer Service Update

If you remember from a previous post, I was struggling with customer service of a company I purchased a Golf Driver from. Well, it arrived. From the original order. No update calls, no emails, it just showed up, almost three weeks later.

Me of all people should know to buy local. I will ask for a little forgiveness, I had a gift certificate. Well I have some birthday money and am completing my golf needs at the local pro shop. Lesson learned.

I preach this lesson to clients everyday. The value of paying a bit more for better quality and customer service. So lesson is practice what you preach.

April Fools

If you didn't know, I am the definition of an April Fool. That's right, today is my birthday! So what does that have do do with sales and marketing? Well nothing other than I am marketing my birthday.

I did get to thinking about marketing success. Recently I have put on two marketing events on similar topics in similar areas in KS. One had many people attend, the other had none. Why was one event successful and the other a bust? Simple, the amount of effort that was put into the event by the rep covering the area.

You can mail post cards, send emails and do other marketing to drive attendance. There is one simple way getting people to attend. Ask people either by phone or in person. Other activities may drive some attendance, but we our fooling ourselves if you think that anything other than that will work successfully every time.

On on this fools day, are you fooling yourself? Nothing is more effective in marketing than beating the streets. (That does not mean that you stop all other marketing efforts...More on that later)