Monday, October 8, 2012

I really wanted to hate it...But I didn't!

As you know I have been a fan of the iPad for some time. I recently had the opportunity to get a iPhone4s at no cost. I jumped in.

It is pretty much superior in every way.

1. Visual Voicemail. (Easy to see who it is from, simple to play and more)
2. Screen. (I had a larger screen on my Droid and the smaller Apple screen is brighter and higher resolution) I don't miss the larger screen at all.
3. Simplicity. Easy to use.
4. Mail interface is better! And yes, I tried all the free and paid apps for the Droid!
5. Messaging interface is better!
6. Siri. Sweet!
7. Touch response is better. Even the smaller keyboard works great (On screen)
8. I kinda like not having this huge brick to hold when making a call.
9. Speaker on this is great!
10 Apps are great!

The down side? A few.
1. Apple land is limited but controlled. If you want to work outside the box, this is not for you.
2. Widgets. No such thing on the Apple.
3. Battery. Look, I really have had this one day and by noon I was looking at 50% battery. I have spoken to other and they are not having the same luck.

I really wanted to hate this thing...OK I love it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thought this was great advertising

It was at least interesting and entertaining. Something lacking in lots of marketing lately.