Friday, February 10, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad Android Tablet

There really (In my mind) are 4 tablets that are really competitive (Don't get me started about the 50 plus models at CES over a year ago and now only a few are actually out)

1. The iPad. I still like the screen size, slim design, metal back and lets face it the iOS is really good. The down side is the limits and control of iOS, only one authorized app store and the lack of ports without an adapter. The direction of the Airplay is great. Simple to use and great function. Would be better if there were less controls.

2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab. Really the reasons this tablet is on the list is due to two things. First the screen resolution is amazing. Maybe better than the iPad. The thin profile is good. Same problems as the iPad as for ports. I wish the case was not plastic. It is fast and simple. Comes with nice widgets.

3. The Motorola Xoom. It has the ports but to have those ports it is thicker. Otherwise it is a very well rounded tablet. Best part is that it gets the updates faster than all other models (Or at least as far as I can tell!)

4. The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet. For the good. It has a pen that is much better than the stylus from other units. This unit has some specific thing that works with a pen and it is great. The software is lacking, however it will get better! It has all the ports. USB, HDMI, SIM and more. It is quick.

Now for the not so good. It is thick. However not too thick. I wish that with all the extra thickness the battery was a bit more. It is acceptable. The case/keyboard add on is very good. However it is way too heavy. Infact the case/keyboard weighs pretty much what the tablet does. So combined it weighs what feels like my Lenovo 420. I think it should weigh less! Or at worst have more battery. The applications that come pre-installed are not so good. They should have more business focus and be better defined.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This response cracked me up!

I only use MS products. Thanks

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This came from someone in the technology industry. Their identity has been protected!

For those of you that are not in the know. MS Stands for Microsoft. iPhone is an Apple product.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time to put your laptop on a diet.

If you haven't tried one of the new thin laptops you are missing out. While I am familiar with the Lenovo 420s series there are more out. To be honest the 420 is almost strange picking it up. It weighs half what you think it should.

If you really want a great new laptop experience add the solid state drive.


Jenifer has been making new recipes from (She was feeling left out on the blog)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carsen on learning to read.

Last night I was on the Treadmill and he was riding the bike. He out of the blue looks at me and says "I am teaching myself how to read!" I had to ask how that was going he says "It isn't going that well"

On Sunday night he was taking his bath and earlier that day he had watched part of a movie with me where there were Astronauts. He was asking about what would happen if they took their helmets off or if they got lost. He finished with asking how you became an Astronaut. After learning all about that he decided that being a Rock Star would be much better and easier.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Twitter I am giving in for 1 month

I keep hearing people talk about twitter so I have decided to try it for one month. At least one post.

Let me know if your on Twitter and I will follow you.

PS for those of you that don't know what Twitter is check HERE.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

An update on the Lenovo ThinkPad Android Tablet

I was struggling with the tablet lately. The battery was not lasting a day, even if I didn't use it at all the battery would die in 2 days. A couple of weeks ago when I was out of town, I had it sitting on the night stand and I noticed it was going on and off. I Googled the problem and it looks like there is a group of these units that have power button issues. Support shipped me a box to put the unit in next day and off it went. 7 days later it came back and I am much happier. It now lasts like it should. The unit must have been defective from day one.

Other issues? Really none. I wish the hand writing application would integrate into OneNote. It sounds like it is going to go from 3.1 Android to IceCream (4.0) Loren already upgraded his Motorola to 4.0 and it cleans things up nicely. My understanding is that 4.0 is supposed to converge phones and tablets. That would be nice.