Sunday, February 28, 2016

I made it back to to USA

Well after about 24 hours of travel I made it back to the US. A bit tired, since I was up at 10:30 central on Friday night and pulled into the driveway at about 12:30 central Saturday. As I reflect on this trip I think back to where it all started when Laurie ask if I would take this as a favor to HTG, really a favor? It was a huge opportunity for me to expand (Well everything). I didn't have to think much about this, it met a lot of the yep you have to do it things;
1. Scary? Yep, long plane ride, the unknown of a foreign land. Check
2. Opportunity to grow? In so many ways. If nothing else traveling with Hardin I would learn so much (And did) Check.
3. Grow my network? Met so many new characters. From Ireland, London everything in between and all the way out to Sweden. I have connected as recently as today!
4. An opportunity to give? Definitely was that. I had the opportunity to share what I enjoy.
5. Family? In a strange way yes. My boys really enjoyed seeing through my eyes the new landscape. I hope I have shown them to take opportunities and would challenge them to travel in the future.

So much fun, so much learning and what a great way to see new opportunities.