Friday, March 20, 2009

Meetings and Events you plan or are invited to.

Start on time, end on time.

Don't wait for those who are running late. I was on time, you were on time. Respect my time.

If it was scheduled for an hour. Take no more than an hour. If you feel that the time needs to be extended. Ask, or reschedule.

A month or so ago we had an event run by a vendor. It went over by 45 min. It devalued the entire content. Customers were dissatisfied, I was and it really ended poorly.

I know, I am pretty to the point. But this really bugs me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Golf Cart Experience

Took my golf cart in a couple of weeks ago, it lost all its pep and was seemly getting worse. I wanted this fixed and an over all checkup of the batteries and cart.

So I called a day after I was told it would be done. Basically they had not looked at it yet. No big deal, I didnt need it for another week or so. Couple of days later it was "Done" The description was that there was a loose connection. Great. $42

Took the cart home to clean, wax and fix a couple of small cosmetic problems. This is where I discovered that half of the battery cells were dry. Wouldn't you have checked this under a basic check up? Guess not.

Next when I took it to the course. Nothing changed. Poor performance, no get up and go.

So I guess I paid $42 for nothing? Really, money was not the problem. I wanted this fixed to play golf this summer. So I am debating what to do next.

1. Visit the guy again. (I will pretty much guarantee I will not take it back) I may ask for my money back. He did nothing to fix the problem.

2. Take it to the other cart place in Hays.

3. Dive into the problem myself. There are only 3 major parts. 4 if you include the batteries. It seems that I am just as qualified as the previous mechanic.

4. ???

Lost business to the company I took it to. And I will be sure to tell my average 10 people of the bad experience.

Monday, March 16, 2009

An apprentice update

OK I have changed a few opinions. First, Tom Green is a little better. He is probably the closest thing to ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) if I believed in it. However he is not afraid to speak his mind, seems to have a good understanding of business and seems to have good ideas.

However my stock of Jesse James is going up too. He seems to be real creative, understands business. His downfall is the lack of being vocal and giving others his ideas. He does it on the side to the camera, just not to his team.

The women keep winning, but not with great ideas or planning. The men seem to have "too many Chiefs" as it is put on the show. I think that when it gets down to it, the men will get caught up.

A big birthday!

Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing your kids light up at a birthday party. They can't wait to see their family and friends.

Carsen turned 3 on the 15th. You would maybe think that he was waiting for presents or the cake. Nope. He could not wait for everyone to sing Happy Birthday.

I will post the video later!

It is the small things that make the biggest differences.