Monday, August 6, 2012

Jenifer pointed out

That I have been such a Blogging slacker. It is true.

Sure, we have been busy with Larks games, summer fun and generally going here and there. Now that things are getting ready for school and things are slowing down I am making a commitment to get back to this.

While not blogging, I have been doing a lot of reading. Really reading information on management, company growth and innovation. Through all of this reading I have been impacted quite a lot when it comes to challenging things I thought I knew.

1. People are motivated by money. Statistics show that after you pay people well and you give them tasks that are not basic (Require thinking) that people are motivated by being autonomous, challenged and getting better. This in some way goes against all I thought I knew about sales and commission plans. However I am at a point in my career that this is true.

2. Good leaders of companies are not egotistical and showy. Again, statistics show that great leaders are out for what is best (Almost to a fault) are strong and are more than willing to take a back seat (While watching others excel). There are many examples of this. And sure some of the most successful leaders you can think of are showy, but for how long and did it last?

I have more but for right now this is a good start.