Friday, May 2, 2008

Taking time off

Wow are we busy at work. Lots of projects, many sales, installs and service going full blast. What a great thing. I have been in the field quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. I really enjoy this part of my job. It seems like everything is going great!

With that said, it is getting warmer out, grass is growing and trees are buding. I cant wait for vacation. Couple of more weeks and my family, parents and sister are going to Seaside Flordia For a week of NOTHING! This is a great time to relax and come back recharged.

I have worked with many that do not take vacations or lose vacation time because they are too busy or are married to their work. In my opinion, this sets a bad example and lets face it, you are not impressing anyone. Some of my best ideas for work come to me during vacation. I have time to work on problems away from distraction, and when I come back, I usually have a new perspective. You can only burn the candle at both ends for a while, adventually you burn out.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Comfortable? Too Comfortable?

A piece of advice I heard somewhere was to do one thing that scares you every day. It is really easy to get in a groove. I see people every day that get comfortable doing the same things and not trying to improve they way they do anything. From the most simple of tasks to the most complex.

Change is hard. Some of the most successful people I have known were not afraid to change the way things were traditionally done. Of course there is a balance. Don't jump ship every time that things do not go your way. You have to stay on a consistent ath. You can find new routes to the same destination. This can be very difficult.

I am continually challenging myself to do things that scare me. From going to places I have never been, to doing things that will make me more knowledgeable but I don't want to do. Everyone around me helps me do these things.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Golf and Life?

I had a good time this weekend playing 18 holes. I enjoy playing with Bill Turman my on going golf buddy. I continue to be amazed on how many (Including myself) focus on the driver. Sure it is impressive to out drive everyone you play with. In some way it is macho!

This like business can be a huge mistake. Focusing on a small portion that may make you look more impressive. I know in my game I could make the most difference from 5 yard in. (ie the putter and chipping) It is not as impressive but will win the game. Focus on what is important, not what is impressive.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Finishing what you start.

Almost ten years ago we purchased our first house. We had a great set of neighbors. Two neighbors I want to speak about today. Both were in Jr High at the time. One has great artistic talent, the other has the ability to understand engineering and electronics. Both have skills that can take them far. These kids and I grew up together. They went to the lake with me, they swam in my pool and we worked on many projects. They are still great friends. Sometimes, friends disappoint you.

This is for Grant and Cody. Both of you wake up! You started college, you MUST finish. I heard that one of you made the comment that I do not use what I learned in college to do my job. That may be right, but I would not be here without that degree. There is no year off, I will go back in a couple of years. If you do not go back now, you will never go back. You WILL regret this for the rest of your life. You will be hindered in your future

Sure, you can be successful without a degree. I think almost everyone will agree with me that this degree will open doors that otherwise you will not have available. I am inviting you both to go to lunch with me next week to work out a plan to get back in school. I also am asking others that read my blog to comment on this.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another project over budget and out of patience

I spent part of the weekend installing a radio in the golf cart. (Too many times the game was on) It took 7 hours. Are you kidding me? Nothing went as planned. Attaching the radio was not simple. Wiring was hard to route and to top it off, I connected 48 Volt to the radio by crossing a wire. So after picking up the second radio it now works.

In the IT industry, I see customers do similar things with their business IT. They try and do it themselves. It can cost more time than originally thought, equipment can break and the end result can be a system that does not work the way that they originally thought. It is our sales job to use experience to show clients how our professional services can prevent over budget, poor performing projects. My radio doesn't change the performance and profitability of a business. The performance of a network can and will change the performance of a business.