Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Germany! A great trip...

So many years ago I hired a inexperienced but super smart and high EQ member of the team. Little did I know how it would change the trajectory of both our lives (Admittedly probably mine more than hers) She was and is smart enough to be successful in any endevor she took on. I can oly hope that what we have build together allows us both to maximize our families and productivity. More on another post. Recently I was blessed to take my son to Germany and England infront of a business trip. (Probably another post also) but this was the culimination of connections, business consulting and work that has allowed this before mentioned team member the chance to vist home several times a year. Home in this case being Germany. It was such a special trip to see both some tourist attractions in Cologne and to see a less tourist location of Recklinghausen. I have to be honest this was pushing my comfort zone but with having a OG with me (OG being the team member mentioned above) it was quite the experience. From navigating around, taking the trains and so on. Bottom line she made me comfortable even navigating after a day on my own. It was so much more though being able to go to her family's home and get a true local experience. From the walk out to the edge of the housing area to playing a little football (Soccer) in their yard with OG's kids and her sisters. Then enjoying a great dinner with a Russian flair. What a life changing experience and OG will never know how much it meant to me.

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