Thursday, February 23, 2023

Presenting V

Couple of small points for this lesson. NEVER run long. Short by up to 10 minutes (Probably depends on total lenght - if you have 15 min and run short by 10 not great) But what I see time and time again is people get to 3/4 point where they are about bring the impact, then they skip how they got there and oops, out of time! Only thing worse than that is if they run long and say there is 10 min between sessions or if things are back to back and make the entire event run long! You must be prepared to hit your time marks. Assume that people that intro you will sometimes run too long (They are giving event update that takes way too long or such) Be on your mark. Know inside the presentation where you can skip a part to go longer or where you can add an additional story to expand time. This is just good presenting!

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