Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Presenting Part Duo

Presenting is one of those things that if you are interesting you are better than 75%. I think people are stuck on this whole process (Probably because we are taught in school...don't get me started) Things I think are just wrong 1. Sticking strictly to facts (I have google so I can find my own facts" Give me opinions and vision. 2. Slow pace - yep, I can read your slides, I don't need it read to me. 3. Don't underestimate your audiences ability to go fast pace! 4. So much time. the average sitcom is 22 min and most people struggle to stick with that. You think you can keep people entertained for an hour? Stick and move. 5. Questions - most of the time I hate this part of the presentation. 6. People getting stuck in the tech (IE the clicker wont work and so on) be prepared to go without. 7. Tell stories - the more personal the better. 8. Have fun as a group! Just the short list but more to come...

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