Monday, December 6, 2021

My Weak Spot

Do you have that person that for whatever reason just gets your goat up? Yes GOAT Steve Gilliland – My Secretary Margaret: Hide Your Goat! - YouTube Honestly I don’t have very many of those people but when I run into them my EQ goes out the window. I simply snap (No excuses). I recently started looking at my own behavior to try and identify the traits that cause my strong reaction. Here is what does it for me; • They are not self-aware (But claim to be). That last part is important. I have found the more people state they are self-aware the less likely they actually are. • Bullies – this is a strange one for me. When I witness that I then do it to that person. UGH • People that talk about others Ok, admittedly not a long list and honestly I only have a few people that do this to me. I am trying to be more aware and keep my EQ where it should be.

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