Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Part III of Presenting

The intro. The data is not completely concise. From 15 seconds to two minutes but the message is the same. How you start a presentation makes all the difference. My opinion is you have 30 seconds to hook the audience with Energy A story Having Fun Direction I know that is a lot. So lets talk about what doesn't work for sure. The "Glad to be here hope you are enjoying the..." This adds no value for the audience. Then "I am XXX and my experience is XXX" Sure if you are giving a deep technical discussion - credentials matter but otherwise - Boring! Or a story of how important the presentor is (Unless you are a president - you probably arn't that important I like to start with a story that grounds me with the audience. A goofy story about how I screwed somethign up that everyone can relate to? Bottom line, Hook the audience early. If you are going to invest in one good story, make it the first story you tell!

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