Thursday, April 30, 2020

The virtual meeting or presentation - Intro wasting my time

Recently I have been signing up for virtual events where I have an interest in the topic or the people presenting. Then you get on the call and the person in charge of moderating the call does one of several annoying things.

1. The "we will wait 5 minutes for everyone to join" Sure I am on time but we will wait for those who are late. START ON TIME!
2. Have fluff that is something like "super excited to hear" well so am I, let them speak!
3. Have other content that is on their agenda. You will quickly run me off.
4. Pretend like virtual is the same as in person. Sorry you have to really step up your game.

OK so I am probably a bit on the negative side of things today but if you do not have enough content to fill the time don't waste my time and get to the content and let us out early! Novel thought...

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