Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 5 DONE

So what a day. Saw Rudy (You know Rudy the movie) he was interesting and inspiring.
I moved from there to the HTG booth to help them out. It was a continuous stream of people wanting to know what this HTG thing is. See Here ( I was supposed to be there from 10 till 11:30. However we went until 12:30.

From there to my first presentation about HaaS. It went much better today. A little change, in the presentation along with some great help from Loren went a long way. It was interesting to see how the same basic slide deck with some small changes really changed the room. I feel quite a bit better about this presentation. I had 8 minutes between this presentation and the next.

I presented for SonicWALL (See Ted Hulsy and I have done several events now and it continues to get better. This also went really well.
Both rooms today were packed. People standing in the back, sitting on the floor and every seat filled. According to SonicWALL we had 120 plus people in the room. I have had over 50 emails today from these events and many connections on LinkedIN.
Here is one comment received today:

I really enjoyed your presentation at the ConnectWise conference on Taas. It was very informative and timely for my company.

Hi Steve,
I thought your presentation was one of the most valuable at the show. We are revamping some of our offerings now and your presentation speaks directly to some of our ideas.

Thanks for an excellent presentation, and your candor.

Thanks for the seminar

Hi Steve,
Can you please send me your TAAS presentation? It was great. Thank you for
Great presentation

So many more I could put!

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