Monday, November 8, 2010

To Flordia I go (On Delay)

So today, I wake up at 36 degrees to be at almost 90 in Flordia later. I am going to see the gang at HTG (All event) and later to the ConnectWise event. I am presenting a total of 6 times. Doing somthing a bit different this time and presenting for SonicWALL (Hey Ted, I put the capitals in the right place this time)

Anyway, I am going with Loren who I have worked with in some capicity for over 15 years. Should be fun. The events go fast, the week goes fast, I HATE the travel. From the car to the plane to taxi to room etc.

Prayers to Jen being a single mother this week and being alone on her birthday once again this year. (Third year in a row I believe)

Thanks for all you do Jen.

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