Thursday, November 11, 2010

So Day 3 is over and it was in your face.

We started the day with sales training. From Hiring, de-hiring, training expectations and measuring. I felt like it was well received. I set out to fill 3 hours and with questions and such we took up 4 hours and we had to cut it short. We had a couple of guests from the UK today and they had some unique input through out the day. We ended in some real direct feedback for the members doing their QBR’s (Quarterly Business Reviews) The group is really becoming direct and this creates a level of feedback that is honest and valuable.

I did have a comment from Raja today that was a huge compliment. He stated that I described sales in a very professional way and did the industry proud. He went on to describe sales as getting a bad rap. If done properly and in a Go-Giver way it can be very honorable and valuable.

So after getting some information (And open invite) about London I am adding it to the bucket list. Question is if Jen will go with me. I know we will have to wait till the kids will be older. However what a great experience to get the tour from a local and get a real view of another country. Raja probably did not know that he included all that in his invite. Maybe I can repay his generosity with a little sales training for his group.

In this blog I have documented (It has been a while) my ability to read people. One thing that was interesting to me is I was unable to read my new friends from overseas. We discussed some cultural differences that may be a key link to this ability to read. I am just interested in looking at this as a key to the ability to read. I also ran into my friend Fuzzy from Australia, he is less of a mystery. Per Raja, he suggested that those from the UK are more indirect and more specifically more polite. Is this the basic key? I just found it interesting.

All in all it was a great day and I am done. Put a fork in me. I ended the day with a trip to Lego Land and the boys will be very happy when I get back.
Raja challenged me to find my next challenge. Point taken.

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Brian said...

Steve - awesome job facilitating and with the sales presentation. You are a huge asset to our team!