Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Taxi Cab ride

Had a good ride to my room next to the airport. (Get to have a little more sleep in the morning, however 5am is still early, yet time change gives me a little more sleep!)

Anyway, the Cabbie used to own 23 clothing stores in NY and was a very successful business man. However (In his words) did not keep a close eye on the bottom line and lost it all plus a significant amount.

The key he said was due to major clothing companies only selling to a select clothing stores or their outlets. They would no longer sell to him. By the time he realized the true impact of this to his business it was too late.

He as also a Real estate Agent here in FL. No sales THIS YEAR. So he needed steady income.

We also discussed how that worked. I was confused on a little, however the basic part was that he paid $200 a day to the company the the rest was his. He was explaining that he could only work certain areas and had mandatory lines that allowed other workers to get their share. Not true competition? So short trips would eat into his ability to make money. In other words a short trip to Disney would only make him $5-7 yet he would go to the end of the line.

Always interesting to get every one's story!

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chrischaos said...

really interesting post, is there an update comming soon? 5-7 dollars a trip, yuck.