Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 4 more hard work and found a little time for play. (On Delay)

Started the day early once again and unfortunately went to bed a little late last night. The keynote spoke about the challenges of growing a business, and some great examples of research and companies that have done just that.

I then moved on to my presentation on HaaS. We had standing room only. I am give myself a average presentation. It did not flow like I would have liked. So with Loren’s help, I spent some time tonight adding some content and rearranging information. We will see how tomorrow goes.

Tomorrow will be BUSY. Starting first thing in the morning I get to hear Rudy present. Moving from there it goes to working the booth for HTG then the HaaS presentation 10 minutes later I move to the SonicWALL Presentation. Will be interesting.

In the evening I will move to another motel that is closer to the Airport here in Orlando. I have to fly out early (But hey, I get to gain an hour! (Time change)
Oh yea!, Loren and I had a chance to visit EPCOT. We did some rides, shopping and we ate our way around the word. It involved snails, Wine, Crab, and some other interesting things. Finally, a couple of hours to enjoy Orlando.

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Tammy said...

So, did you two ride on my favorite ride of all time? Can't recall its name specifically, but I lovingly call it the "Ride where Tammy turns white and the rest of the group teases her unmercifully" ride. My guess is, you remember the name!