Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wow, Day 1 is over in Orlando (On Delay)

I thought yesterday would be a slow entry into HTG. Wow was I wrong. I had a plan to sleep in a little due to my first meeting being at 10, that didn’t happen. I was reminded by Christy to get the projector down early for some breakout sessions. So then I continued the fa├žade to think I would get back to the room till 10. Didn’t happen. The next time I saw the room was for 15 minutes to change into some tennis shoes to go to dinner.

Great restaurant at Disney. That took us until a little past 9 and of course couple of hours at the bar catching up, next thing I knew it was midnight and I still had a hour or so preparation. Made for a short night.

During the day I attended some Facilitator training that was well run and on time, training on Managed Services, then selling Managed services and Service Leadership. All capped off by meeting with SonicWALL to discuss their new Champs program. All in all a great start to the week. However, dragging a little already. I will get more energy once the day starts!

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