Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Projects to keep me sane.

I have decided I need to have projects to keep me sane. No, I am not talking work this morning, I am talking personal projects. Working on something to keep my time occupied. I am not sure what project to start. This time of the year is difficult. I do not want something that will disrupt the house. I need to keep the house clean due to many people stopping by. I did have the Christmas light project for a while. (I will post video this week, I promise) Anyway, I am thinking on taking on the Corvette. It leaks oil from the front. I am not sure if I have the technical skills to take this on, it will involve replacing the water pump, timing chain, re looking at the valve covers and more. Over all costs will be minimal (OK depends on your vision, Jenifer may object to minimal), I pretty much have the Corvette parked for the winter. Sure I can get it out, but it is deep in the garage.

This is just one project that I have on my mind. Other thoughts involve the kids play room, building shelving or doing some computer stuff.

The point to today's post? I think you have to have something that continually challenging yourself and to keep you learning/growing. It doesn't hurt to keep yourself busy!

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