Sunday, November 29, 2009

Optimist versus Realist?

I recently saw an show about the two perspectives. And potentially you could say optimist versus pessimist. However I do not thing they are the same. You could be optimistic that you can achieve something. You can be pessimistic about achieving something. You can be a realist about the same thing. The difference to me is if your optimistic you think you can, you have a positive outlook on the outcome most of the time. Pessimists says they most likely cannot get a positive result. Realist says, 8 out of ten times I have not made it. So most likely I will not make it this time.

What is the point? Just that you need to have an optimistic outlook, however there are times that you have to face facts and be realistic so that you can plan for the outcome.

Being real is part of business. If you are overly optimistic with your goals. Or your sales figures you can count on results that realistically unobtainable. Sometimes you have to be realistically optimistic. Set real, measurable and obtainable goals.

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