Monday, November 30, 2009

The Black Friday Marketing?

So each ad tries to convince me that their price is the cheapest. Lets just say...that I would get up at 3 in the morning after eating a weeks worth of calories and motor down to the local "cheapest" sale. The things that were rated the highest draw (Again) were electronics. So I go after that $200 laptop.

First of all I am sure that it has the traditional 30 day warranty (90 at best). Sure, at face value it looks like a great deal. However as most of us tech geeks know you can fake stats. IE it has a 3 ghz multi core processor with a bus speed that came with the TRS-80 (That one is for you Tammy and Kris Check out the link)

So then I stand in line to get one of the 10 they are guaranteed to have. And lets face it, they only have 10. What value did the store get. They sold the piece of junk for no profit and probably pissed off number 11.

So after minimal thinking, why not offer something of value, promise to have lots and try and sell the accessories? Maybe bring some value to this relationship. At worst, why not offer some service. Super parking lot special. We will be waiting for you?

OK not so great of ideas, however this Black Friday thing is out of control anyway.

And another thing. I love when they interview the local manager of one of the stores to see how traffic was. What did you think he was going to say. It was terrible? We were not busy? His/Her boss may be watching too.

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