Friday, December 4, 2009

Another shopping experience

So recently I had a shopping experience at a Mall. No, not in Hays.

So first I went through Dillards. I wanted to see if they had the black shoes I have been looking for. I have been trying to find a half size in this particular shoe for quite a while. (1 year). Anyway, they are expensive. (About $200 and No Jenifer I did not buy them). So while in the area 4 separate associates ask if they could help me. Guess what, none of them could work in the shoe department. All tried to call a person that could help. No one showed up in 10 min. Oh well, saved me money.

Next to JC Pennys. For the store that has everything on sale all the time, I could find nothing I wanted on sale?

Last to Sears. Found some great deals on brands that are solid lines. (Sometimes I wonder how they can produce clothes for some of the sale prices. Maybe they are losing money, maybe the 8 year old foreign sweat shop worker works for so little that it can happen. ) Anyway, I went to the register and there was a hand written sign saying it was closed. What was the topping to this was Woman was spelled Wuman. (Why do I always forget to take pictures of this stuff? I have a camera on my phone). PS Wuman was to tell me to use the register in the Wumans department. So off I went. 2 people in line and only one person working the multi register counter. I went to look for other registers. None to be found. Back I went. Good news, only one person in line. That person had quite a bit of stuff. Needless to say, there was pricing issues with the system, missing tags and pretty much anything that could go wrong, did.

By the time this person was checked out, there was a line of about 7 people. Now realize the one person checking was an older lady probably in her 80's (No, I am not exaggerating) standing all of 4'10". She called politely a section 10 (Or something like that ) No help ever showed up.

To the lady's credit, she was apologetic, helpful and professional to the end.

The lesson is, you can have quality products, great displays, wonderful ads to attract people. However if you do not have the sales people to complete the customer experience, first you may lose the sale and second, you may not leave the customer with a positive experience.

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