Friday, May 30, 2008

Who is "Lenovo"?

As Blogged earlier, I got my parents a new Lenovo laptop. It has been an interesting/learning experience. First I learned that Vista is not that big of a difference. After using the laptop for a couple of weeks, my dad ask me why I didn't get him Vista. Well, it has Vista Business installed. If my retired parents can figure it out, most everyone can.

The next thing was a market awareness thing. I have been ask where I came up with this Lenovo company for them? I gave the usual speech. That is "You know the Thinkpad" yes, "well it is that company" "Similar to IBM".

Since my dad has seen it in an airline publication on our travels to Florida.

Then while were were getting groceries yesterday, there was Consumer Reports magazine rating the top 24 laptops. You guessed it, Lenovo number one and three. Toshiba number 2. Dell and HP were further down the list.

Lenovo had the fewest repairs with Apple the highest, Lenovo had the second best support next to Apple with HP being the worst of 7 companies ranked.

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