Saturday, January 5, 2013

Support that drives me crazy.

I called warranty support at a company we do quite a bit of business with. They made a big point that I was going to speak to a US representative and even gave the exact location (City and State)

So the first person took my name and number (Which I was already set up in the system) captured the Part number, serial number and problem type. Then they transferred me to technical support. (Which they did not tell me the location but it was NOT in the US) Then that person ask me for my Case number (Which I had) then proceed to ask me for my name, number, part number and serial number. Now come on. Why do this the first time. Don't the systems talk?

Then the support went on to suggest it could not be their product, rather they wanted to charge me to diagnose my network. I explained to them how I had several networks to connect to and the problem still existed along with the several ways I had worked to identify the problem.

Guess what. They needed to transfer me back to where I started.

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