Monday, December 31, 2012

Could not have said it better myself

I had a chance to connect with a recent graduate from FHSU (Graduated this December) this year. He was having some problems finding a position and his way. I wanted to end the year with some advice from me in Nanshan's words

"now I just found myself a room to live in Flushing area in Queens ($350 a month, the cheapest room I could find so far) and was able to focus my mind on this letter..

Now that I got a place to live, the next step would be finding the internship and preparing for applying graduate school. Even till now, I still think the conversations I had with you beneficial and influential. Being honest and also being confident.. Always get done what are promised to do.. networking with people and being persistent...I can't thank you more for teaching me those things.."

Sometimes in business we forget what we know and more importantly to pass it along.

Nanshan, I wish you the best in NY and in your experiences. I still cannot imagine coming from the other side of the world to Hays KS and then finally on to NY City. (Heck, NY would scare me now!)

The lesson for me next year? Do something really scary. (I always preach doing something scary) Do something Nanshan scary.

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