Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new beginning?

Some people look at the first of the year as a new beginning. I have to tell you that this really annoys me. What, now you have to change the calendar and year suddenly you are going to do all the things that you should have, wanted or needed to do last year? Come on, we both know that a significant amount of these new year resolutions are going to fail (Many before they get started)

If you want something make the change and go for it. Better yet, don't make huge changes in your life all of a sudden, make small meaningful changes that are more manageable.

We (Ok mostly Jenifer) spent toady taking down the Christmas decorations around the house. Both trees are put away, the Christmas art that the boys made is down and even most of the Snowmen that come out this time of year are gone. Jenifer and the boys have commented how bare the house is. It is nice to clean up and get all the stuff down. However next Jenifer will pull out the January tote from the basement and decorate appropriately.

It is nice to clean up your life. However remember it can feel bare if you do it all at one time. Plus take the small successes and build on those.

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