Saturday, June 4, 2011

Is T-Ball like corporate America?

Carsen had his first T-Ball game today. Keeping 8 little boys focused and in position is difficult if not impossible. Felt like managing a corporate team?

A great example was first base coach. As soon as the kids got to first I would ask them where they are going next. Every one would point to second. I would then tell them that I would let them know when to run and to watch for the third base coach when they got to second.

What would they do when the ball was hit? Several of them followed the line from home past first base to the out field. In other words they ran towards the outfield not second base? Right after we discussed to go to second.

It did get better as the innings went by.

Like the corporate environment. You train and coach, but when the pressure is on people sometimes follow their instincts. Or the line.

(PS we ran the bases ever practice...)

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