Thursday, March 3, 2011

Round em up and roll them out

We did Kindergarten Roundup earlier this week. It is a unique event where each of the grade schools compete for Kindergartners. We knew where Carsen was going to go, but for his sake we went anyway.

They divided parents from kids and we sat in the theater and Carsen went to some different rooms for activities. Since we had done this a few years earlier with Caden, it was almost the same presentation. To be honest I was asking myself why we went.

After picking up Carsen it was all worth it. He was EXCITED! He knew lots of kids that were there (Many from preschool), made a dog out of paper (He had the dogs name on it, Molly, our dog and knew how to spell it later in the car) They had music and much, much more

It will be a good time next year when he gets to go where big brother goes.

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