Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are you a Hunter or are you a Farmer.

And no, I am not talking about the farm.

I continuously read and hear people talking about sales reps as either a Hunter or a Farmer. And of course all business owners want is Hunters! Bring in new customers and new revenue. The issue is, if you are just one or the other this really causes problems.

If you are just a Hunter, you find new customers and new revenue but cannot maintain relationships and you simply burn through your entire available base.

If you are just a farmer in sales you only reap what is planted. What I have seen is that these types only plant what they have seen before. IE the same crop as last year. They are not looking to expand the offering or add more to the existing customer.

It is my opinion that you must have both traits to be a complete rep. You must be able to balance between the two roles. Find new customers and maintain the hunting after the initial engagement. Then you farm the the day to day activity.

Sure, other resources can be used to help farm and make the most out of your time. However if all you plan on doing is Hunt, you are doing activity that is most costly to businesses and not reaping the rewards of hunting in familiar territory.

I would love to hear others input on this?

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