Saturday, February 26, 2011

(On Delay) Day 2

Today we finished up the SWAT and put together our recomendations. Some things that need work on are standard, like communication and team. Others had to do with moving the people around on the bus and matching talent with the right areas of the company.

One thing that tends to ring true across many of these SWATs are that everyone knows the problem people and areas. Many time the management does not realize the damage that is being done by ignoring the situations that need taken care of.

Our presentation went well and I feel like will really give positive growth to itSynergy. I look forard to hearing from them in the next year to see when the growth starts and how the changes take ahold.

Dinner was good. Some Chicken Fried Steak. One of the guys that went to dinner with us ordered it because everyone else did. He made the comment that it didnt look like chicken! I explained it was actually beef. It goes to show that where you are in the country may have some dictation on the experiences you have.

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